Company History


The Aranda’s Tortilla Company started in 1982 with the goal of providing freshly baked tortilla products. The first location was established in the heart of the city of Stockton, California, an emerging center of commerce outside of the San Francisco metropolitan area. Mr. Victor, Vicente and Javier Aranda had a dream of servicing the regional area surrounding the city of Stockton. The Mexican food industry was growing and the need existed for freshly baked tortilla products. Many restaurants were in need of daily deliveries as well as local grocery stores that had many Latino customers asking for tortilla products. Several of the first business accounts were small mom and pop retailers and convenience stores.

In the last four years the Company focused on the Tortilla Chip Business investing over a quarter of a million dollars buying equipment like a fryer, and oven, packaging machines and more equipment to be able to meet the growing market in that area. Arandas is now one of the leaders exporting tortilla chips to Asia. The Aranda family is proud to have reached this level of success in the Tortilla Industry and hope to continue growing their market.




Mission Statement


To develop grain based products that are high in quality that we can offer to our domestic and international customer base.











Corporate Officers


Victor Aranda - President

Vicente Aranda - Vice President

Javier Aranda - Treasurer
Jose Pereira - General Manager


Aranda's Tortilla Company, Inc.

1318 E. Scotts Ave.

Stockton, CA 95205 USA

   (209) 464-8675

Fax (209) 464-0421




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